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Marshall Soules, PhD

marshall.soules at gmail.com

Recent Projects and Writing

  • The photographs on this page illustrate my interest in distressed posters, graffiti, and found images. Not generally recognized as collective artistic creations, these visual improvisations speak to urban vitality, decay, and cultural values in the public sphere. Click on examples to the right.

  • In a Foreign Tongue, Rome, 1995, M. Soules

    Bhagavad Gita / M.Soules / La Coruna Spain / 1990

    Divinina, Seattle, 1997, M. Soules

    Tired of Men. I Want God, San Francisco, 1991, M. Soules

    Urban Wallpaper: Last of the White Niggers

    Urban Wallpaper: Live High in the City

    Urban Wallpaper: Reds

    Initiative, Graz, 1995, M. Soules

    Almost Heaven, Heidleburg, 1998, M. Soules

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