Staging the Pacific Province Conference
University of British Columbia
October 2001

Protocols of Improvisation:
Sam Shepard in British Columbia

Marshall Soules

Sam Shepard., 2001


  1. Improvising Character: Jazz, the Actor, and Protocols of Improvisation:Written for The Other Side of Nowhere (Westleyan University Press, forthcoming), this paper defines protocols of improvisation in relation to jazz, improvised acting, and notions of character.

  2. The Tooth of Crime, 1973, Frederic Wood Theatre, University of British Columbia. Director: Richard Schechner.

  3. Fool For Love, 1986, Arts Club (Seymour Street Theatre). Director: Janet Wright.

  4. Curse of the Starving Class, 1988, William Head Institution. Director: Phil Wagner.

  5. A Lie of the Mind, 1988, The Vancouver Playhouse. Director: Larry Lillo.

  6. States of Shock, 1993, Fend Players at the Station Street Theatre. Director: Paul Crepeau.

  7. Sam Shepard FAQ

Sam Shepard in Country


© Marshall Soules 2001