Friday, November 7 Saturday, November 8
10:00 Welcome Welcome
10:15 Laura Cranmer & Christine Welsh
Women in the Shadows: A Conversation
Angel Joy
11:00 (11:15) Sandra Hill
Thinking Outside the Box
David Pettigrew & Jacob Beaton
Digital Stories
12:00 Lunch Break / DMT presentation Lunch Break / Visible Verse clips
1:00 Fran Benton
Art Applications of Digital Video
Therriault, Chicalo, Lazlock
2:00 Johnny Blakeborough
Changing Lanes
Kristin Dowell
First Nations Narratives, First Nations Activism
3:00 Doug Stetar
If This is a Language
Glen Sanford
Do It Yourself & Useless
4:00 Zale Dalen
Heather Haley
Visible Verse
5:00 Barb Cranmer
Our Stories, Our Perspective
Brian Nash
Creativity & Documentaries

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